Roads Network

The road network of QAAP has been designed to maximize the ease of access to all locations within the park. The network has a total length of 32.2 KM and comprises roads of three different categories complete with all furniture, drainage, lighting, walkways and landscaping. The roads have been divided into three main categories namely, Primary (60m ROW), Secondary (40m ROW) and Tertiary (25m ROW). The total length of the Primary roads is 7.7 Km, Secondary roads is 10.1 km and that of the tertiary roads is 10.4 km. Maximum effort has been made to avoid opening of industries directly onto the Primary roads and an auxiliary lane has been provided on either sides of the Primary roads for truck movement. The road network has been designed so that it ensures smooth movement of all vehicle types within the park at all locations.

  • Four lane primary roads with pedestrian walkways, service corridors, parking bays and bus stops (61 meter ROW).
  • Two lane secondary roads with pedestrian walkways, service corridors parking bays and bus stops (37 meter ROW)
  • Outer-ring (perimeter) service roads (25 meter ROW).
  • All roads will have street lighting and landscaping along with avenue plantation.