Power Supply

Electrical Works

The QAAP will be provided with 11kV Underground Electrification Network throughout the Apparel Park for the supply of power. Direct Burial method will be used for the laying of cables across the road. 500mm2 Aluminum conductor, 3way and 4way switches RMUs will be used as per the requirement of 11kV distribution Network in accordance with applicable standards and project specifications. Interconnection of Grid Station will be established on the voltage level of 11kV using 500mm2 aluminum conductor cables.

All the roads of the park will also be provided with Street Lights conforming to the applicable standards and specifications. Street lighting LED luminaires will be used for the lighting of public thoroughfares and roadways contributing to road safety as well as public safety. Single arm pole as well as double arm pole of 12 meter height will be used across the road of 60 meters, 40 meters and 25 meters as per the requirements.

  • 240 MW dedicated power sub-station.
  • The substation will step down power to 33 KV prior to distribution.
  • Power will be drawn from different sources (220KV, 132KV, & 33KV) to minimize interruptions