Punjab Industrial Estates Development & Management Company (PIEDMC) has been established by Government of Punjab, having its registered office at Commercial Area (North), Sundar Industrial Estate, Raiwind Road, Lahore, Pakistan, an association of non-profit organization, within the meaning of Section-42 of the Companies Ordinance-1984 has been formed as Public Company with the main objective to develop a chain of new industrial estates in the province Punjab along with upgrading the existing ones in a dynamic and innovative manner, making ancillary arrangements related to the development of infrastructure, meeting the new challenges of WTO regime and providing solutions to the problems of prospective entrepreneurs. PIEDMC is led by private sector so that it can be more flexible, responsive to the changing environment and also be financially sustainable in the long run. The company consists of a central Board of Directors (BOD) consisting of 21 members, 17 of which are from private sector including Chairman of BOD, representing different sectors of the economy and four (04) from Ex-Officio Government Secretaries such as Secretary Industries, Commerce &Investment, Secretary Labor, Secretary Finance and Chairman TEVTA.



Pakistan economy growth has been accelerated during the last decade and the Government of Pakistan is now focusing on sustaining this rapid economic growth by reducing the cost-of-doing business, increasing productivity and facing international competitiveness. To support sustained growth, the GOP is taking a strategic and holistic approach in all sectors of life especially to the Communication and Industrial and has launched major initiatives to gear-up the country’s development pace by introducing few mega projects. International technologies and expertise are invited to enhance local proficiencies and skills to cope with the latest international skill levels and how know.

Government of the Punjab (GOP), under the entrepreneurship of Mr. Mian Shabaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab, is very much keen in accelerating growth of the Industrial Sector besides his vision towards the rapid growth and development of infrastructure. Aggressive and timely facilitation to these two important sectors shall results the transformation of “developing” image of the country as well as the Province of Punjab to maintain the boosting economy trends.

PIEDMC is carrying major responsibility of the Industrial Zones’ Master planning, infrastructure development, Construction and eventually monitoring all type of operation process. Implementing the international/global standards creates a competitive environment for national and international investors / firms throughout Pakistan and worldwide which is indeed a wonderful contribution and responsibility to deliver.

Quaid-e-Azam Apparel Park (QAAP)

The Government of Punjab (GoP) has initiated a project of “Quaid-e-Azam Apparel Park (QAAP)“ and PIEDMC has been made responsible for its execution. The project is located on M-2, motorway near district Sheikupura, in order to facilitate the textile, garment & apparel sector all over the Pakistan.

Presently, there is neither any organized or planned Garment/Apparel Zone neither in Punjab nor in the entire Country. Therefore, there is an utmost need for establishment of state-of-the-art Apparel / Garment Zone to encourage and promote garment related industrial activity. It can also become a source of foreign investment by projecting to international industrial community; in particular, South Asia, China and Central Asian States. As a matter of fact, establishment of Garment Zone will bring prosperity to the entire region at local and national levels.

Since, the focus of Apparel / Garment Zone will be largely on industries like textiles and garments but allied and other general industries related to textile and garment will also be given the same importance as these industries will serve a major role in supporting and supplying to the main industries. There will also be opportunities for industries producing value additions products, therefore planning and development be carried out in light of their (all types of textile, garment and related industries) combined technical and financial parameters.

The Apparel Zone will be developed on minimum 1536 acres which can meet the requirements to provide maximum possible facilities including infrastructure, amenities, CETP and grid station etc. to the potential industrialists.

One Window Operation

Quaid-e-Azam Apparel Park (QAAP) has centrally located customs and related Government officials, thus providing efficient solutions to dealing with multiple government agencies. Administrative needs such as company formation, obtaining licenses, manpower needs including training, financial and legal advice etc. are all facilitated by a single point of contact.

Design Consultant

QAAP project has designed by the international M/s China National Textiles & Apparel Council (CNTEX). CNTEX has rich experience in designing of Apparel parks all around the world.